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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Unic Coffee based?  


We are based in South London (Croydon). 


How can I purchase some of Unic’s Coffees Green Beans? 


Please email your order and we’ll send you our current offer list. 


How much is postage? 


As we work with a logistics company, orders over 10 bags will receive free shipping. If your order is less than 10 bags, we will compare courier companies to find you the cheapest postage.  


What is Unic Coffee’s cupping grading process?  

Our coffees are first scored and q graded at our established lab in Minas Gerais by a team of qualified q-graders. After purchasing the lots, we want them shipped and landed samples are then cupped, scored, and q- graded again by a third-party independent q-grader in the UK.  


How long will my Unic Coffee order take?  


As we are partnered with a logistics company, we are able to ensure that orders arrive as quickly as possible with UK. Please expect one to three days. 


Do you ship orders Internationally? 


Yes, we can!  

How is Unic Coffee involved in the coffee cycle?  


We have complete control of the coffee cycle; Unic Coffee source, process, and Q-Grade all coffees, working very closely with our coffee producing partners and cooperatives. We take care of every step including storage and delivery to your site included in the price /kg. 


Do we fairly pay our producers? 

We pay our producers based on the quality of their coffee, which is the highest possible rate. We aim to have transparent relationships with our producers and cooperatives and buy directly from them. By doing this we can save costs and fees that are charged by external transport and exporting/ importing companies.  

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