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Specialty Coffees straight

from the coffee producers.

 At Unic Coffee, we source the best quality coffee produced in Brazil and connect coffee producers with experienced roasters — a simple way to keep track of our coffee's origin, history, and social sustainability, while ensuring the quality of the final product.

 The development of consumer behaviour is creating new markets, more opportunities and expanding the coffee world. Consumers are now more informed and aware of the quality of their coffee, which drives the search for different, exclusive, and more natural coffee to grow more and more.

That's  why  Unic Coffee is devoted to adding value and encouraging the production of rare and surprising coffees. At the same time, our coffee producers are seeking continuous excellence in producing highly differentiated coffees.

máquina de café

Our goal is to provide the consumer with the best coffee in the market.

We believe that traceability and continued contact with producers are key in achieving the best results, further developing a sense of loyalty throughout the supply chain.

We handle all the logistics to deliver your favourite coffee to your preferred location, supplying you with an amazing blend of tasty goodness, without barriers or obstacles.

Best quality

In order to ensure that you get the best quality on each cuppa, Unic Coffee sends samples of each coffee lot to a third-party lab for testing, before transporting them into the UK. Grading Reports for every lot are also made available to the buyer, giving you the confidence that you know exactly what you are buying.

Derramando café no filtro




Unic Coffee was born out of our love for coffee combined with a vast experience in transport and logistics, as well as a continued focus on providing outstanding customer service on every sale.

We take regular trips to Brazil to visit our producers, staying true to our promise to never reduce their pay rates, and building durable and trusted relationships.

Our coffee beans are grown in Brazil’s luscious green plantations, sourced from top producers, roasted by the best roasters and each lot tested by an independent lab before being imported into the UK and delivered to our customers.


Coffee is more than

love, it’s a way of life!


What makes

us different?


We humbly source the best coffee beans from Brazil and supply them to you. We support our roasters in building solid relationships with Coffee producers. The partnership goes a long way when planning volume, keeping price transparency structure, learning about the farm and its story, and finally, consistent quality that creates a positive experience from crop to cup.

Our mission..


Our mission is to supply the buyer with the best coffee blends and an easy buying experience by offering a good quality product straight to your door. We here at Unic Coffee want you to experience happiness in every brew.

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