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Green Coffee B2B Models: A Fresh Perspective on Coffee Consumption

As we enter 2024, we are excited to progress and keep building long-term relationships with our producers in Brazil. Our main overarching goal is to expand our network of roasters and connect them with our producers. We are very keen to attend more coffee festivals around the UK and learn from others in the coffee community. By helping establish these long-term relationships, we can invest more in our producers. We would be particularly interested in farmer training programs on sustainable practices, investing in more organic eco-friendly farming methods, and resource empowerment of women, youth, and marginalized groups. In our office, we have been talking to other roasters and researching different ways we could go about this on our next trip to Brazil this month. 

Unic Coffee at Manchester Coffee 2023 


The coffee industry is constantly changing and innovating, and 2024 will be no exception. We can expect to see new developments in sustainability, quality, technology, and health that will shape the way we enjoy coffee. These trends will reflect our need to make coffee not only a delicious beverage, but also a lifestyle choice that aligns with our values, preferences, and aspirations. One of the key trends that we anticipate for 2024 is the rise of green coffee business-to-business models, which will create more opportunities for collaboration, transparency, and impact in the coffee supply chain. 


But what is green coffee, and what makes it a specialty grade like ours, so special? In this blog post, we will answer these questions, and show you how green coffee B2B models can benefit both businesses and consumers. 


What is Green Coffee? 

Green coffee is the result of harvesting and processing the coffee cherry, which is the fruit of the coffee plant. Green coffee has a greenish appearance and a subtle, grassy smell. They do not have the same taste, smell, chemical compounds, or color as roasted coffee. 

Green Coffee Beans at Farm Santa Maria after being dried  

Roasting is the magic that transforms green coffee into the delicious and aromatic coffee that we use to brew our coffee. Roasting is a complex and delicate process that involves heating the coffee to high temperatures, which triggers chemical reactions that develop their flavor, aroma, and color. Roasting also removes the moisture and reduces the weight of the coffee, making it ready for grinding and brewing. 


Why Choose Green Coffee B2B Models? 

Green coffee B2B models connect roasters and producers directly, without any middlemen. This means that businesses can buy green coffee straight from the farmers, and farmers can sell their coffee directly to the roasters. 

This has many advantages for both sides, such as: 


  1. Higher quality and freshness: consumers can select the best green coffee that suits their preferences and standards and receive them as soon as possible after they are harvested. This ensures that the coffee is fresh and has not deteriorated in quality during storage or transportation. Roasters can also provide feedback to the farmers on how to improve their coffees and ask for specific varieties or processing methods. 


  1. Transparency and traceability: Businesses can learn more about the origin, production, and price of the green coffee beans they purchase, and share this information with their customers. This can help them create a unique and engaging brand story and enhance their value proposition. Customers can also enjoy knowing where their coffee comes from, and how it was grown and processed. 

Unic’s founder learning about the history of the Santa Maria Farm 


  1. Sustainability and social impact: Companies can build long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with the farmers and pay them a fair price that reflects the quality and cost of production. This can motivate the farmers to invest in improving their coffee quality and implementing more sustainable practices. Companies have the opportunity to support the producers' communities and improve their social and community impact. 




Let’s toast to a year of green coffee moments. 

Green coffee B2B models are an innovative way to enjoy coffee in a new experience. They offer many benefits to both companies and consumers, such as higher quality and freshness, transparency and traceability, and sustainability. They also allow you to access unroasted coffee beans directly from the source, and to roast them yourself according to your preferences. You can also learn more about your coffee's origin, production, and story, and connect with the farmers and other users. 

We hope you found this blog post helpful and informative. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us via Instagram or our website. We would love to hear from you.  

Thank you for reading, and happy roasting!  







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